Board of Directors

Kelly Dolson

Director of Tax Learning & Development

Kelly joined EY in 1992 after graduating from Emory University, where she earned her MBA in finance. Kelly is currently responsible for the development and implementation of the learning and development strategy for the EY’s tax practice across the Americas. EY is a leader in gender and diversity equity. You can learn more about EY’s most recent campaign on gender equity at
Kelly has also been actively involved in various leadership programs for women and girls. At EY, Kelly was one of the original developers of the Professional Women’s Network (PWN), which is now a robust, organized network focused on the personal and professional development of women across the organization. As an active member of the PWN, Kelly has organized, developed and executed various conferences and events for women. She has also worked with the organization Independent Means to foster financial education for girls of various socioeconomic backgrounds by delivering seminars to low-income and affluent teens and she is a mainstay on the NCAA Women Coaches Academy faculty.

Kelly played soccer at Methodist College and went to four NCAA Division III soccer championship tournaments. She has also served on the faculty of the NCAA Leadership Institute for Ethnic Minority Females and the NCAA Leadership Institute for Ethnic Minority Males and Females. Kelly led the finance portion of the program, discussing budget preparation, financial statement review and personal finances.

On a personal note, Kelly is married with three children and loves to bike.